Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Megan is 3!!!

We decided to go to the beach this year to take family Christmas pictures on Veterans Day, which is also Meggie Rea's 3rd birthday so I decided to pick up 3 balloons, well actually, we got 6, because our friends went w/ us so to give each kid one we needed 6 (also we were prepared just in case one popped)! Oh and I learned something too...don't tie 6 balloons together and expect to be able to separate 3 of them AT THE WINDY BEACH!!! We got Meg's apart, but we let the rest go because we couldn't get them apart! SO MUCH FOR A BALLOON PER KID!!! Anyways here are Meg's birthday balloon pictures, if you go to the beginning of my blog, you can look at her 2nd birthday balloon pictures, SHE HAS GOT SO BIG!!!!

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