Friday, February 19, 2010

Jose and Vivian's Engagement Sneak Peek in Old Sac- part 1 of 7...yes7!!!

The next seven posts are of Jose and Vivian's engagement shoot we did in Old Sac last week. I have to admit I was a little nervous when they chose this location. I know from seeing other photographers samples of photo shoots in Old Sac that there were great locations there, but I myself had never photographed here before. Unlike a wedding, where the location is somewhat important to me, but the day itself invokes emotion and the events on their own and tell a story that for me I can easily capture. Engagements on the other hand, other then the fact that the couple is excited about their upcoming wedding and for those that like getting their pictures taken think it's fun, there isn't anything to bring out emotions because this day itself isn't significantly important. So for an engagement shoot I rely upon the location ALOT. Most times I do engagements in locations that I know have plenty of great spots perfect for pictures ahead of this is how a photo shoot that I was nervous about turned out! And I think it turned out AWESOME!!! It really made me feel good about myself as a photographer too...something I am confident about but really don't dwell too much on...that I am pretty darn good at what I do!!! It's nice to have challenges in my job to remind of that! Just want to make a comment about the actual pictures in this post...yes they and I were in the middle of the street. It was perfect timing at first, then it became impossible, too many cars, but I got what I wanted before that! Enjoy...and feel free to leave a comment below...

Jose and Vivian's Sneak peek- part 2 of 7

This wall is awesome! I knew this wall was here ahead of time so I knew it wouldn't disappoint...

Jose and Vivian's Sneak peek - part 3 of 7

These are my favorite...I loved the way these turned out!

Jose and Vivian's Sneak peek - part 4 of 7

Here are a few of Jose and Vivian that show the emotion I like to capture in an engagement photo shoot. I like taking alot of pictures seconds apart from each other. It's the closest you can get with photographs to the real thing. When put together, it looks a like a movie of emotions

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jose and Vivian's Sneak peek - part 5 of 7

This part of the shoot was just FUN!!! We were just walking down closer to the other trains on the track and then we decided to stop and shoot right there...I think these are my favorite...didn't I already say that?

Jose and Vivian's Sneak peek - part 6 of 7

I love this location, the train tracks were awesome!

Jose and Vivian Sneak peek - part 7 of 7

Here are a few other good locations to take pictures in Old Sac. The chalk board behind the swings actually said "Jose forever" when we got there. So Jose decided to personalize it for his future bride and write "Jose loves Vivian"! The bench location gave a bit of Old Sac in the background which made for a nice backdrop. This wall was very cool too...I love a good wall for a background!

Jose and Julie's Engagements In Capitol Park Sneak Peek part 1of 4

Here is a sneak peek of Jose and Julie's engagement shoot in Capitol Park in Sacramento. I love this location...I also love the way this couple interacts with each job was so easy! They kept asking,"What should we do?" I said, "EXACTLY what you are doing...BEING YOURSELF!" These four pictures are my very favorite because it shows who they are. We had a great time! Can't wait for their April wedding!

Jose and Julie's Sneak Peek - part 2 of 4

I love detail pictures! Love them holding hands!

Jose and Julie's Sneak Peak - part 3 of 4

These are some of favorite's on the's my favorite location at this park...

Jose and Julies Sneak Peak - part 4 of 4

Here are a few more pictures to show some of the other great locations at Capitol Park

Friday, January 1, 2010

Here is my winning SacBride picture!!!

Here is one of my accomplishments of this year...I entered the Sacramento Bride and Groom magazine contest, as did probably every photographer who advertises in it and out of probably about 200 pics I have calculated, I CAME IN 5TH RUNNER UP! It was funny when I met Kiley and Jared for the first time we were talking about the magazine and the contest and Kiley said," Joy, together we will get this cover!" Well we came close Kiley didn't we!!! So I thought I should update all of you and let you see the picture! And you know what was is too funny? I made a whole bunch of prints of the one's I was thinking about submitting, and I was in the car looking at them and my neighbor walked up said "Oooohhh I like that one!" And I said, "This wasn't EVEN the one I thought I would like best but you know what... I do too! So that is how it got picked...thanks Danielle!!! We picked a me at my car in 6 months, lets do it again!!! I know some of you love looking at the albums of my brides (Dawn) so here is Kiley's wedding album: (usually the link will take you right to the album, if it doesn't use this link and on the right side of the page it will say, "TO VIEW A FRIENDS BOOK" click there and use this information: order number: 1251688 and password 2783792)