Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sneak peek 5 of Tara and Som's Wedding

These are just my FAVORITE!

Sneak Peek part 4 of Tara and Som's Wedding

These were fun! I love jumping pictures! And the parasols just added a cool touch! We took these on Strauss Island and Elk Grove Park.

Sneak Peek part 3 Tara and Som's Wedding

These are priceless sister pictures! Her sisters and her were the only one's left finishing up getting her dressed!

Sneak Peek Part 2 of Tara and Som's Wedding

These are very special pictures! Tara and Som have a 3 year old little cutie pie...so he played a very big part in his parents wedding. It was so sweet...Tara really wanted to to get him all dresses for their big day, but when it was time she was getting her hair and make-up done. So her sisters (there will be one picture of them getting him dressed in part 3) started him and we saved the bow tie and jacket for Tara. I love that her dress is hanging in the background of some of these pictures, just an added special touch...I love when pictures like this just happen!

First Sneak Peek at Tara and Som's May Wedding in Elk Grove Park!

Here are Tara's dress and shoe details!

Kristina and Charlie part 3

Ok for the shoe one...YES...those would be converse, Kristina's FAVORITE shoe to wear! Her wedding color scheme was turquoise and orange and so she colored the converse stars turquoise and orange to match her wedding colors! And the other pictures are to remember how HOT it was in the middle of May! Isn't the fan great...they had a backyard reception in Napa and it was beautiful but sweltering hot the first few hours! And yes she took of the poof part of her dress before she got to the reception...good call! Had to capture it!

Here is Kristina and Charlie part 2

Here they are dancing...these are my favorite!!!

Here is Kristina and Charlie's Wedding in Napa, Ca

Here is Kristina and Charlie outside the awesome First Presbyterian Church in Napa, Ca.

Post 2 of Megan's Senior pics

Here is Megan's 2nd post of pictures for her senior portraits we took at the Japanese Tea Garden in Lodi.

Catching Up!!! Starting with Megan's Senior Pictures from May

Ok I know it has been forever since I have posted to my blog! I have been very busy!!! So I am going to drive you CRAZY with how many posts I am going to do today!

Ok first off...these are pictures of the lovely Megan, I have known her since she was about 2 or 3, but I hadn't seen her since about junior high! When I saw her I barely recognized her! Congratulations Megan on your High School Graduation!!