Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rebecca and Garrett - Sneak Peeks - Part 1 of 5

Here are the sneak peeks of Rebecca and Garrett! They got married this past September at Pippo Ranch in Vacaville. In the 5 following posts you will see wedding details, getting ready pictures and Rebecca and Garretts formals. Some of the posts are an example of the new blue tone that my photo-shopper has found and is using and I LOVE IT!!!! This post is of Rebecca's wedding details, like her dress and shoes...I hope you enjoy these posts...especially Rebecca!!!

Rebecca and Garrett - Sneak Peek Part 2 of 5

These are always my favorite pictures of the whole day! The next 2 posts are examples of the new blue tone my photo-shopper has been doing to my photo-shop customers!!! I totally love it!

Rebecca and Garretts Sneak Peek Part 3 of 5

These are my favorite of Rebecca getting ready!!!

Rebecca and Garrett Sneak Peeks Part 4 of 5

These are my favorite!!!

Rebecca and Garretts Sneak Peeks! Part 5 of 5

Here is that new photo shop option my photo-shopper is using!!! Just love this bluesy color!!! Just adds so much to this already awesome looking couple!!!