Monday, March 23, 2009

The best of Kasi and Hans pictures at El Dorado Hills

Okay so here are my favorites from this photo shoot! Enjoy!

A little different take of this shoot...

Okay so these, well, lets just say, these 5 may be some of those pictures that are only beautiful through the eye-of-thee-beholder. But for me, what I like is even with all the photo shopping availabilities, the blue in these was straight out of my camera. The black and white here, except for one, I flipped in photo shop to infrared! Cool effect! Now remember these where for fun and this isn't just about the subjects, but more about the overall appeal!

More of Kasi and Hans in El Dorado Hills

This background is why I fell in love with this place and drive all the way form Elk Grove to shoot here! For those who want to search more of my popular engagement photo place's check out past posts under Japanese Tea Garden in Lodi and Capitol Park.

More El Dorado Hills shoot

Love this door, or whatever it is...I had fun experimenting with the green!

Kasi and Hans Engagements in El Dordao Hills

 are the long awaited engagement photo shoot in El Dorado Hills. We had a fun day exploring the new little nooks and crannies that is awesome place had to offer for our shoot!