Friday, July 24, 2009

Tara and Som's Wedding Album

Here is one of my wedding albums I've made from a May wedding.

Leslie and Colt's Wedding Sneak Peek - Part 1 of 4

Here is a sneak peek of Leslie and Colt's June wedding at Pippo Ranch in Vacaville. This post is of Leslie's details while getting a comment and let me know what you think! Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

Leslie and Colt - Sneak Peak - Part 2

Here are some of Leslie's getting ready pictures...beautiful!

Leslie and Colt - Sneak Peek - Part 3

This wedding was at the beautiful Pippo Ranch in Vacaville... here are some of their casual formals.

Leslie and Colts Wedding Sneak Peek - Part 4

I don't usually post reception pictures...but I just loved these!

Nicky and Dom - Sneak Peek Part 1 of 3

Here is a June wedding of Nicky and Dom that was in Coloma. It was just a beautiful venue! When we went to go do formals we were told there was a cool barn (pics in 3rd post) so we just started walking up this road and oh my...this old church was awesome! This wedding location was a wedding photographers dream! Enjoy!!!

Nicky and Dom Sneak Peek Part 2

Sometimes I can be surprised! When I was told the colors of this wedding, I said to myself, ummmm okay...BUT OH MY GOSH!!! Aren't they just GORGEOUS together! And her beautiful hair! Nicky really knew what would look awesome with her hair! Everyone who knows me well as a photographer knows I LOVE my photography in black and white but I decided this wedding needed to be posted ALL IN COLOR!!!

Nicky and Dom - Sneak peek part 3

Every photographer loves a great barn!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here is Baby Jayden!!! Part 1 of 5

Here are the beautiful pictures of my brand new one month old nephew Jayden Andrew Dean! My brother and sister-in-law are in the process of adopting him and when we went to visit them in Arizona, I did an all day photo shoot of him! Yes...when I say all day, I mean all day. There wold be no way with a newborn to get 4 outfit changes and over 150 pics in a normal portrait setting! Enjoy!!!! Leave a comment below if you like and join my blog!

Baby Jayden Part 2

Baby Jayden Part 3

Baby Jayden Part 2

Baby Jayden Part 5

Monday, July 6, 2009


I have decide to start blogging cool photo ideas for all of you! I will be blogging about creative ways to incorporate your engagements pictures on your wedding day. I will also share with you different trends in photography and in all wedding areas that my past brides have personalized their wedding day. Like old traditions with new twists. In most cases I will have a photograph to describe each trend or photo idea. I will also try to have any information about each idea that will help you, like a website and the cost of what I share with you. If you have an idea for me to add to my blog please go to my website and e-mail me on my contact page .

My first photo idea comes from my Tahoe bride and groom last weekend! They had 10 of the engagement pictures I took and had them made into confetti and scattered it on the tables for the cocktail hour! I was so excited when I saw my pictures (their faces) on the tables! Too cute! You may recognize this couple, one of the engagements pictures I took of them is in the new Sacramento Bride and Groom magazine on page 20. (To get a free copy of the new magazine go to ) They ordered the photofetti from the website . The prices start at $25 for a guest list of 50 people...Happy Wedding Planning!