Monday, April 20, 2009

Once upon a time...

a little girl envisioned her wedding day down to the last are the details, courtesy of Alison Ulshoffer, just beautiful!

Engagements at the Japanese Tea Garden this Saturday!

Hello all! This Saturday was a very busy day! I did 3 engagement shoot at the very popular Japanese Tea Garden in Mickie Grove Park, in Lodi. We all had a blast! We had a few uninvited friends...mosquito's!!! Never have I ever even noticed them, must be a middle of April thing! I have about 20 bites!!! But it was worth it! The garden is just beautiful this time of year! The 3 following posts are every one's individual pictures, but I liked these the best! These are straight from my photo shopping...I am trying to get these pictures up as fast as I can so everyone can get a little sample soon after their shoot, therefore, no photo shopping!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mike and Sarah Japanese Tea Garden - part 3

Mike and Sarah Japanese Tea Gardem Engagement's - Part 2

Mike and Sarah's Engagement Photo Shoot

Here is the lovely Sarah and her funny fiance Mike. I photographed them this past Monday at the Japanese Tea Garden. They are getting married Oct 11, 1009 at the Vizcaya Pavilion and Mansion in downtown Sacramento. I am looking forward to what will be a beautiful day! I am sorry that I am posting so many pictures but I just get a little carried away1

Zander's newborn pictures - part 3 (last one!)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Zanders newborn pictures -part 2

Zanders newborn pictures

Here is 2 week old handsome Zander and his 2 year old beautiful sister Kaylie. I met them around Christmas time when I did pictures for their mothers daycare. I don't get to do newborns too much so I often forget how much I enjoy capturing these priceless memories that pass by so quickly for families! (I usually get them when they are about to walk down the isle!)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Here is what Shannon has added to my work...

I just hired Shannon who is going to be taking over my photo-shopping. I thought I would post what she has done so far. I am loving it! She is working on the wedding I did on the 28th!!! I will post a link to the album as soon as I am finished!

These pictures are going to be on the front of my website! Well 2 of them, there is a beach one too. I am only using one of the gate ones, probably the close up one since they are kissing in the beach one. I am going to be retiring April on the front :( But it's here is the couple that will be gracing the front of my website soon. Well as soon as I can get everything to Sarah my web-site designer (I know...I's coming along!)