Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Sacramento Bride And Groom Magazine Ad

Here is my newest ad in Sacramento Bride and Groom magazine. I have a half a page running this time. I am very happy and proud of this ad...I myself created it. Now as anyone who knows me well knows, the creative things that come out of my head are amazing, BUT when I have to transfer that into a format of the computer...well I have other people to do that part! So I'd like to thank Sarah Lockwood, my web designer, for being able to take my glued paper outline, (yes I used paper with cut up thumbnail pictures and glued them, yes...yes I did!) and be able to make it look exactly how I intended it to! And thank you to the beautiful Amanda and handsome Jeremy, for trusting me to capture their wedding day! They actually just this past April celebrated their 1st year wedding anniversary! Look for my new ad in the June issue of Sacramento Bride and Groom magazine in almost all retail stores. If you would like a copy, I always get a bunch to hand out to clients, just send me an e-mail... .

Happy Wedding Planning!

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